Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unreal experiences

I need ideas for my second book (Still working on title) (book two of Buried Secrets aka Dreams, Ghosts, & Tractors a Melissa Mae novel)) If I like what you post, I'll add it to my story and give you credit and a signed book. (When published) What I'm looking for is any personal experiences with ghosts, haunted trains (tracks), Indians spirits, etc. Or anything strange by or in a river (Snake River) It doesn't have to be scarey.

 It could be a good experience. I want it all and there could be more then one winner. Thanks and happy typing.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ideas please

I'm having a hard time keeping motivated to keep comments etc. going on this page and my blog.  What topics interest you so I know what to base them on?  Please give me ideas.  Oh, and I'm thinking of doing another contest.  But don't worry, it won't be a number guessing one.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Unauthor related comment.

I know of some people (that they don't know I know) that have said rude, mean, and made fun of me behind my back. Know what? I forgive them because I'm not perfect either.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Buried Secrets is done

Buried Secrets is done. Now working on the lovely query letters (with lots of help) Also working on book #2, Hidden Shadows.

And to top it off, my other book If I Only Knew (been done for a couple years) is being edited. Can't wait to get that all tidied up and in print. Wired (name of book) is starting to expand on it's plot. Am I busy? Oh ya. Do I love it? Double yes.

How's it going in your world?  Let me know and I'll get back with ya.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Featuring Raani York and her new book.

A talented author Raani York new book has just been released.  Find out what's inside DRAGONBRIDE.


(The Dragon Chronicles, Book #1)

Shalima, “Daughter of the Light”, was born under special circumstances. She was raised by her aunts instead of her mother because she needed to be prepared to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Scriptures, which told that she was the only Magician on Earth.

Her aunts carefully prepared her for her obligations and her sacred duty. She will have to get married to the Holy Golden Dragon, the King of the Dragons, a huge Earth Dragon with magical talents. She cannot believe that she is the “Chosen One”, who has to protect the Dragon Species, all of Nature and finally the Earth. But when she turned into a teenager it seemed that the Old Scriptures were right.

Buy the Book:

As an Ebook for following formats: epub, mobi, pd,f rtf, lrf ,pdb, txt, html

The Paperback version on Amazon will be released very soon! More buyer’s links will be available within the next week.

Author Bio
Raani York has been a high volume writer for years. She has published articles, letters, short stories, poems,

continuation stories and descriptions of all kind. She also writes novels, some of which can found on her website.

Raani has been educated in Switzerland and in the U.S. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. She also obtained diplomas in Graphic Design, Color Studies and won a prize as a Logo Designer. She speaks four languages and several dialects.

Raani York works and lives in Switzerland and the U.S. and travels often.

Next to her writing and her cats, Raani likes reading, blogging, Martial Arts, skiing, horseback riding, sky diving and enjoys playing the classical piano.


FB Author Page:



    The mountains possessed a dark but seductive beauty, and they lay in wait for the ones who came through the Fire Hell. The powdered white peaks of the sparkling black mountain-world watched for them with longing.

  The Diamond Mountains gave the illusion of being much closer than they really were, and many a pilgrim had been lured to his death by the promise of riches hidden on their slopes. These mountains were so named because of the rough gems strewn about the black volcanic soil. When the sun shone overhead the gems made the mountains sparkle and shimmer brightly, and at night they made the moonlit mountains glow with a soft silver light.

  People, blinded by both their greed and the tantalizing glittering of the sunlit earth, imagined that there was immeasurable wealth lying there on the ground, just waiting to be picked. However, the mountains never betrayed the secrets they held. None who had ever walked those slopes could find the diamonds hidden within the black soil, for the mountains protected themselves.

  Although healthy forest still grew in the foothills, the undergrowth became sparser just a few hundred feet up, and then the treeline ended. Where stunted trees would normally grow the forest just stopped, as if some unseen hand had cut it short. All that remained were dangerously sharp, dry rocks. Just below the snowline, the rocks disappeared, and the glittering black soil took their place.

Moreover, at the summit it seemed as if the Creator of All Things had dusted the peaks of the fissured mountain range with powdered sugar, for they were covered with a deceptively soft-looking, yet extremely sharp-edged eternal snow.

  The mountains never betrayed their secrets...
  And if a wanderer were to climb those peaks, going up to the Fire Hell and searching to quench his thirst at a splashing mountain spring, he would find no cool, refreshing water. Instead, these living mountains would seek to frighten him by shrouding the ground with a mysterious fog that made it impossible to see where he was putting his feet. Pilgrims sometimes drowned in the sulfurous pools of water hidden within the hellish rocks when the fog appeared, and if they left the main trails, they would know true fear, for they would be led down treacherous sidepaths that seemed to take them somewhere, yet actually led them nowhere but to their doom.

  The mountains never betrayed their secrets...
  Though many thought they would find the cool relief of the shadows by early evening, the ascent would continue for another three torturous days. During those three days, their throats would scream for water, and their eyes would tear up in the swirling sand. Blown up by the hot desert winds, the sand burned as it fell upon a traveler's face and skin. Eventually their limbs would become heavy, and they would barely be able to move; thus, the wanderers would be forced to crawl on, farther and farther, until sheer luck eventually brought them to civilization... to people.

  In a canyon between two hills below the mountain range there was a village. It had no official name, but the people living there called it Alpcate├žu, which meant Oasis of the Mountains. Anyone who wanted to climb the mountains had to pass through the village. A few taverns and inns surrounded the village fountain, where a market was sometimes held.
  Some houses and huts had been built in the wide hills and even at the edge of the forest... and in one such place, hidden within the woods, almost four hundred feet past the deepest thicket and connected to the village only by a sidepath lay the place in which I had been born.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Murder On Edisto...

I'd like to share a new book that's just been released by C. Hope Clark.

How to Come Up With a Story

By C. Hope Clark

Many of you are readers, but some of you want to be writers, too. However, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with an idea . . . a really good idea. I’m about to make that easier for you. This idea might make you readers want to start writing, too.

Who are you writing about?

First, come up with a character. You can make her (or him) like someone you know, or you can just create a unique person who is pure fiction. Now, list her favorite people, places, and things. Add to this list items like where she lives, where she goes to school, who her parents are, her hobbies, her favorite music. You get the idea. Create this person in every way possible.

Sort your character’s likes.

Now, put these items in priority. Which are the most important to her? List her top three first. As for the rest on your list, if you like, you can just put them in three layers of importance in case you have like 50 things (numbering those in order would take you forever).

So, you have the top three people, places, or things she can’t do without. Next you have a high priority category containing a group that she almost can’t do without. And so on down to those of medium importance. She might be crazy about her pet dachshund, her little sister and her school. Or a guy might be fond of football, his Halo game, and the blonde girl who lives down the street. Or consider a girl who loves living at the beach, reading romance stories, and eating coconut milkshakes. 

Oh, no!

Now . . . take those things away. How would she or he react? How would they feel? Who would they turn to? What if they could not find these things ever again? Or what journey would they have to undertake to get them back?

Then, when your character thinks she is making progress in fixing her original problem, take away two or three things from the next list. In doing this, you are shaking up her world again. It’s like losing your favorite friend, and another friend captures your interest instead. Then just as you settle in to liking this new friend, you lose her, too!

Your mind is exploding!

Your mind is now probably crammed with story ideas, a plot rolling out of your head. You can see your character going nuts, or maybe hiding her secret, or getting angry. She has a goal, a mission. It will not be easy, but she has no choice, because she just lost the three things she loves most. Then she lost the second two of three things she loves the most.

Now you have a story.

That’s how you write a good story. You create conflict and drag your character through all sorts of obstacles to reach the end. Wow, bet you have a story in your head right now. And the marvelous part of this exercise is that you learn more about your character, and by the end of the story, surprise . . . your character is wiser. And you will be, too.


C. Hope Clark’s latest mystery release is Murder on Edisto, the first of the Edisto Island Mysteries, available wherever books are sold. Likewise, Hope is the author of the award-winning Carolina Slade Mystery Series.  She also educates writers through her website, chosen by Writers Digest Magazine for its 101 Best Websites for Writers. Her  newsletters reach 40,000 readers each week. .