Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ready to read something lame? Here it goes:

I never liked poetry
Never understood the words
They used and shat they
Were trying to say
It didn't make any sense.

But here I am now
From my deep inner feelings
Writing my own thoughts down
And even if they make sense to me
someone else could read mine
And wonder what the hell
Was she trying to say?

(Now I understand the meaning of a two way street)


  1. This is just too funny, Jeannette! Even though I do dabble in poetry, I KNOW what you mean:>) To this day, I can read some poetic words and then pause only to way "WHAT?" I suppose that is why I try to make my writings more simplistic, with LOTS of visualization! Thanks for the morning smile:>)

    1. Thank you Sharla, I'm glad you did understand what I was trying to say. : ) And it made your day.

  2. This poem made me smile. Thanks for that.
    I like your sense of humor!