Monday, January 21, 2013

Question for you...

I know I've posted this a long time ago, but i am re-doing it.  What would you as a follower like to read on my blog?

I'm looking for new doors to open pertaining to writing besides what's going on in my writing life.  Please give me a answer and help me out.

Thank you for your ideas in advance.


  1. OMG I will have to give this some thought. Let me get through the book launch and I will get back with you. Send me a reminder in a couple of days on G+.

  2. I like to read about people's lives, the stories of their history that stand out to them and made them who they are. I also like pictures, poetry, videos, basically a variety of posts and not just one thing--different things.

  3. Jeanette, I like just about everything so I am easy to please, but being a mostly non-fiction writer myself I do tend to favor real stories about real people. I hope you found my blog without any trouble. I'm pretty lost in there myself. :)


    1. No problem at all Micki. And to tell you some news, I have been thinking of a non-fiction book for awhile, just having a struggle of how to lay it out etc. This book I just finished also has true history in it. That adds to the fun of writing.

  4. As a flower, I would choose to read stories about romantic interludes, but with little dramatic twists. Keep me guessing as to outcomes, whether they be positve or nagative.