Friday, April 5, 2013

A to Z Nature's Beauty F Day

Places of Nature's beauty that start with an F.
I've just notice that my nature topic is showing a lot of castles.  But to me, that is a part of nature that is beautiful to look at, so I guess I'm okay on my topic, eh?

Country view in Finland


Olavinlinna Fortress, also known as Olofsborg (Swedish) or Olaf's Castle, is located on a small rocky islet in Lake Saimaa in Savonlinna, Finland.

A natures path in the country in Finland.


  1. Such pretty places. Hopefully someday I'll get to travel there. Thanks for stopping by today :)

  2. Jeannette,

    Beautiful pictures. It's amazing things are that green when it gets so cold in the winter.


  3. So true to all. Nature to me is a relaxing mind cleaning peace time.