Saturday, May 25, 2013

To rest or not to rest

I've been working two jobs and going crazy.  School is out in 1 week.  Then I'll have 4 boys to keep busy for the next several weeks.

My personal time for blogging, writing, and self time is gone and I'm not sure when it will get back.  Please hang tight, for when I do come back in full swing, there will be lots of neat news.

Happy Memorial Day Week-End.


  1. Whatever happens, enjoy the summer!

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  2. I'll look forward to reading all your exciting news when you come back, Jeanette. Hope the Summer is fun for you.

  3. Get some rest, and put that terrific book you've got going on the back burner just for a little while.

  4. Mine is just the reverse of yours. My daughter will be off for the summer so I won't be doing as much helping with child care.