Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrations time come on.....

Our house in Vermont is pending and life is looking on the bright side.  My husband hasn't found a new job yet, but he will.

I'm done doing my final editing on my book and will give it to my editor by the end of this coming week.  It is done.  Yahoo.  Now is the time to get an agent/publisher and get rolling.

Have a great and happy week end to all.


  1. Very exciting news, Jeanette! Congratulations! Be sure to keep us posted on what's happening with it.

  2. You bet I will. I have some leads on a couple local publishers. Which will be great, because my book is based on Treasure Valley's history. I hope they like it. Cross fingers.

  3. Happy for the house and happy that you have finished this stage of your book.

  4. Great news, good luck on your book be sure to let us know when it's out :) Not considering KDP?