Thursday, September 19, 2013

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 I am with a few groups on LinkedIn and I decided to do this sub-group.

No links please. Share the first 100 words of your book, a "sneak peak" to get a small taste. Post the title, the name of your main character, and a one sentence summary. 

I did forget to put a one sentence summary.  Another project I'm working on.

                                            Dreams, Ghosts, & Tractors
                                             A Treasure Valley Mystery

Main character: Melissa (Missy) Smith

The school bus stopped for another pick-up. “Scoot over, Missy. Here comes Julie.” Maura said and moved at tad towards the window. She Rummaged through her backpack and pulled out a rubber band. “Here.”

I took it and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. Maura kept her backpack on the bench between us leaving no room for three people to sit with comfort.

Julie gave a huff and flopped down next to me. Our shoulders banged. “Sorry.”

Maura saw but stayed put.

I shrugged and rubbed my shoulder. 

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Jeanette--I got a good picture of the scene. 


  1. The Feast: A Parable of the Ring

    Main Character: Virginia

    Her marriage with Richard was over. This was something Virginia knew for sure. She also knew she must have imagined the stones' supreme power and her awakening with God.

    As she sat on the couch that still sported a hole large enough for a rock to pass through, she smiled at it sadly, touched the worn fibers of the cloth filling it's gap and thought of Richard and how much she missed him. She thought of her life, alone again, without a husband, without a child.

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    1. Thank you Kathryn and I like yours. Makes me want to read more.