Sunday, April 27, 2014

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators: SCBWI

Yesterday was a busy educational day for me.  I was contemplating on even going, though I did by the ticket a couple months ago.

I'm on the more positive side of self publishing my first book to get the feel on the marketing base, etc. (and I'm getting tired of working on query letters.  I've only sent out seven with rejects, which isn't enough to cry home about)  But the information I learned yesterday was worth my time spent there.

If any of you write books from Y.A (more on the M.G.) and under, and there is a Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators in your area, look them up and join.  It is a great supporting group.

I (you) get the chance to meet authors and learn how they went through troubles getting there books accepted.  Nobody has an easy way to get a book out when you go through traditional publishing (and self pub at that) Anyway, you, yourself have to do the marketing and sales pitch on your book/s anyway you go.

Good luck to all and may the writing force be with you.

 You also end up meeting wonderful people in your same shoes and make some great new friends.


  1. Genre matters so much when it comes to which self-publishing titles will sell the best. Unfortunately, what I like to write isn't a big draw. I figure I will query my first novel for at least a year. That way, I get even more time to hone my craft.

  2. I know I should do more research and queries, but I'm running out of self patience. : ) Good luck on yours.