Saturday, July 5, 2014

Balancing your life...

I know I've been stating this off and on the last couple month.  Am I the only one who feels off balance?

What do you need to do to but things on the bottom of the 'Honey Do' list?  Do you ever feel guilty for sitting down and not doing anything (for a short period of time)?

Even when I get in the mood to clean I go way out.  I go all the way.  I ware myself out and then don't touch anything for a couple to few days.

Writing a list of getting things accomplished is easier said then
done for me.

Do you have a way to balance your life
so it runs a little more smooth and where
you actually get things done with out waring yourself to nothing?

And then trying to write a book on the side tops it off.


  1. I try to do a little bit each day. Little bit of laundry here, some dishes there, some vacuuming every now and then. But I also have those "clean out" days where I just declutter and reorganize entire rooms. It is exhausting but in a good way :-D

    1. True and the after math is a feel good when it's all the way done.