Thursday, July 17, 2014

Saturday July 26th at Hyde Park Books

Saturday July 26th at Hyde Park Books will be all about earning money for books for kids in just 3 steps. It's just that easy!

#1 - Shop - Stop in, purchase books :)

#2 - Meet - Local authors and hear about their books.

10 AM - 1 PM:
Sharon Anderson, Jane Freund, 
Jeanette Smith Andersen & Joel Lund

1 PM - 4 PM:
Kelly Jones, Samantha Jean Whittaker, Gail Olson Chumbley,  & Jane Freund

4 PM - 7 PM
Catherine L Owens & Jane Freund

#3 - Give Back - 20% of all purchases made that day from 10-7p will be donated to the Grandma Freund Book Drive to purchase books to further their mission to build classroom libraries throughout the state.
--You can support local authors and purchase online as well at

#4 - Feel Good - Who doesn't feel good after purchasing a new book? But, this will be even better knowing you have helped purchase books for children.

Please feel free to share the event with your friends and neighbors. We'd love to really give a bunch of money to the locally grown group with a big mission!

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