Saturday, September 20, 2014

Query letter question


 I'm getting tired of doing the Have to Ways of query letters.  They are all the same letters changed to fit different agents.  Can't we just once do are own that's different that will grab their attention to want to read your book?

How can you tell them in your own way that you have a wide genre  from YA, Fiction, Historical fiction, Drama, Plays, and personal near death experience more than once in my life?

I have so much to share and am very flexible in how to get the book written from first, third, or both person.  How can you get an agent to take the risk to reach for the stars with you?

I'm like all other authors who want to stop trying to get their books out.  It's hard to keep pushing when you don't know what to change to make it happen.

Comments are very welcome.

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