Wednesday, June 24, 2015

opinion please.

I want your opinion please. What is your pros and cons about Face Book?

I'll share mine. It is good to communicate, reunite with old friends, advertise jobs, business, reunions, weddings, etc. But when it comes to spending too much time because of games (yes, I'm bad and can waste hours at a time playing them. I call it my RnR) it pulls me from doing other important things on the computer like work.

How does it effect you?


  1. I wasn't addicted to the games, but it did seem to create a lot of drama. And it's a time-suck!

    1. So true. And I get tired of seeing people's non-stop comments about their dog eating a piece of cheese, etc. I think you get my drift. It sounds mean, but I have one friend that posts at least 20 comments/links a day and I get real tired of it.

    2. I know, you want to gently tell them that nobody cares, but then you might cause drama! :-P

    3. I just deal with it and do major Xing/deleting. lol.