Saturday, September 5, 2015

To much time on my hands.....NOT

Oh for the love of life and all that goes on.  It's never a dull moment. I told you on the last post that I was done redoing my first page.  I wasn't and am still working on it. I need a good slap on the face to tell me to stop.

My query letter is another story. I feel it's harder to do them write a book. Whats your opinion on that? But like J K Rowling, it took her at least 125+ letters to get an agent for Harry Potter. So never give up.

School's started again and that helps get back into a routine. Kids gone for a few hours and when I'm not at work, I can concentrate on doing some ME time. (After I do the usual clean the house...the daily maid free service if you know what I mean)

And then I'll have some more me time in the next month.  Not sure on the date yet, but I"ll be going in to have my #2 neck surgery.  My second disc has an arthritic bone spur and hurts like heck. So, I might even be more absent then I've been lately, or maybe I'll have more time to post with comments, questions, and feed back on anything that interests you.

To my American Friends, Happy Labor Day and have a safe rest of the week-end.

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