Sunday, January 31, 2016


Sunday is a day of rest and going to church. I am very grateful for the many blessing God and Jesus have given me. What do you do on Sunday?


  1. Sunday's are a beautiful day...or certainly can matter what the weather outside is doing. I finally started to listen to what the Brethren were saying and our Stake Leaders reinforcing that, in general, our Sabbath worship and observance were no where near what they need to be. I decided that I would evaluate all of my activities on the Sabbath and eliminate those that didn't draw me closer to the Lord. It has been a months-long process. I started by refusing to buy anything on Sunday (obvious) and then worked my way through each activity until I have refined it more and more - now I even find myself keeping a portion of Saturday as if it were a part of the Sabbath to be ready for the Sabbath - now that I'm attending leadership meetings in our Ward, I go from 6:30 AM until 3 PM with Church meetings, so that really helps keep the Sabbath holy. After those meetings I might rest a little, then another blessing is having a son on a mission - after I get going again, I spend a good portion of that time writing him letters and seeking inspiration on what to say that will help him the most. Read from my Deseret Bookshelf app or maybe watch a church-produced video, home teach, or visit family in the remaining time. They go by so quickly now. I look forward to that start of the week all throughout the year now.

    1. Good for you and a great example. I need to try harder so I can feel a difference on a Sunday compared to the other busy days.