Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Adding something different to do

It may be harder than you think.... No using Google!!!! Every answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer. . Its fun...Who doesn't love a game of Scattergories? Come on! Try it!!!
Name - Jeanette
Animal - Elephant
Girls name -Terry
Color - Yellow
Movie -War of the Worlds
Something you wear - Shoes
Drink -  Soda

Food - Apples
Item in the bathroom - Soap
Place - Paris

Reason to be late- Slept in
Copy & paste to your timeline, then make your changes.


  1. Name - Shaun
    Animal - Narwhal
    Girls name - Lindsey
    Color - Yellow
    Movie - Wizard of Oz
    Something you wear - Zipper
    Drink - Root Beer
    Food - Ravioli
    Item in the bathroom - Iodine
    Place - Eden
    Reason to be late - Nauseous

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