Thursday, July 5, 2012


I just finished reading a post about the history of her town in N.Y. and the weird things people do.  Do any of you have anything off or odd that you've noticed some people do in your neck of the woods?  Any haunted houses?

I have a few stories I can share, but I want to read yours first.

(Thank you Candy for your Blog idea.)


  1. I'm sure there are some great stories, but I'm not that familiar with our town's history. I'm looking forward to reading your stories and I've subscribed to your blog.

  2. I don't know much about the history of the town where I currently live, but I have observed some things people do (or DON'T do) here that seem odd to me. Having moved to the Pacific Northwest from Miami, I've observed that people here rarely honk their car horns. In Miami, when a stoplight turned from red to green, you expected to hear a chorus of horns. It's a form of expression! I think I've heard that sound only half a dozen times here in Washington state.
    FYI: I found you through LinkedIn's "New Authors Need Marketing Ideas - Got a blog/site post it here" group.

  3. @ Sandra thanks. Go to the library or google the history of your town. I'm sure you can run across some great stuff.

    @Sandy, what part in WA? We lived there for sometime and my Hubby is from the Seattle area. Do you like not having the Honk-a-thon? : )

    And thanks both of you for leaving a comment. I'll get some cool info on soon.

  4. Something that intrigues me in my area are some of the eccentrics or town characters that I see on a fairly regular basis. Some I've seen for years. There's one guy that I have seen walking regularly for about 10 years. It's almost like he's homeless because he carries a huge duffel bag and wears the same clothes and has long filthy matted hair. But he always looks so happy. I'm so curious about this guy's story. Someday I may have to try to talk to him I guess.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Go for it Arlee. He might have some interesting stories to tell you.