Sunday, July 8, 2012

Titles, Titles, and Titles. How to find one that fits your book the best. Do you believe that the title should tell you the story of your book, or should it leave you in question of what your reading?

Oh, and I will post a Nampa History Story soon.  It's a good one.


  1. Titles - So important and so difficult! I've talked to writers who start with a title before they write even one word of their books! Others have a tentative title in mind and wait to see if it works, hoping something in the book will stand out as the perfect title. (That's what I do.)
    Do you have a WIP? Have you decided on a title for it?

  2. In all my books I had some of the story in my head already and with the writing the title all of a sudden "flipped" through my thoughts and was "born".

  3. I had the title to this book I'm working on now when I started it countless years ago. The Tractor Man. But with a new twist and character added to it, it needs a change major time. Funny, I think I have one that I like, then another one pops in my brain. Now I have a list of about 10. Some of the titles only have one word changed which makes a major difference. I still have a little time before the title is permanent, but I'm still going to brain storm.