Monday, July 9, 2012

Strange History of Nampa part 1.

Okay, here we with strange things/people.

There was a man that all of children were afraid of and it was rumored that he was an alien. This man wore blue overalls, had a shaved head and walked all over town carrying empty milk cartons without ever talking to anyone. He lived in an ordinary neighborhood, but his house was buried up to the roof and had barbed wire all around the yard. 

He was definitely eccentric, he was neither an alien or a monster. Inside his "compound', with the barbed wire strung all over to keep people out, he said that he had various molds growing as part of his efforts to moderate and control the weather.

People would always see him running in slow motion down 12th ave road and driving his truck. You would see him hiding be hide his fence looking out at everybody.  People in Nampa, ID called him the "MOON MAN"

He slept inside a station wagon that was parked inside the fence, next to the metal building that contained his experiments.  He had been interviewed on several TV programs, and had been the subject of newspaper articles. 

He was found him in his Car frozen one winter day.  

R.I.P. Morris Stanke


  1. Wow - weird story... but if this is part one - what will follow in part two?