Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another exercise

WORD MAGIC for WRITERS by Cindy Rogers.
Another exercise.  This is a great book to buy.

Save the Metaphor:

'My brother is a bearcat, simmering for hours before he erupts' is a mixed metaphor.

Can you repair the damage by creating two completely different sentences, each with its own metaphor?

Keep one-half of the original sentence:

1.  My brother is a bearcat, ___________ for hours before he  __________________. 

2.  _________________ is ________________, simmering for hours before __________ erupts.

Okay, this is my attempt to fill in the blanks.  I say #2 is harder then #1.

~1 My brother is a bearcat, grunting for hours before he roars.

~2. My mom is a tea pot, simmering for hours before she erupts.


  1. It looks so obvious to those of us who are pros. But many of us teach English - and this is a good exercise for our classes.