Sunday, August 5, 2012

TAG, I'm it

Another award I received. 

1} Thank the blogger that nominated you.
Thank you Sharla @  You are the bomb!!!  Go check out her site and see all her great stories and poems.  Check out both blogs.

2} Give 7 random facts about yourself

1~ I like to weed (the garden).
2~ I like to dust.
3~ I've done acrobats in a bi-wing plane.  (flipped, circles, barrel roll etc.)
4~ Broken all bones in my body from head to toe minus my arms/hands/fingers.
5~ Lived in four different states.
6~ Have four boys ages 10 to 17.
7~ Do/run a school supply donation to give to the local families and to Operation International Children (

Nominate 15 blogs 

Please leave a comment so I will know you received notification! Blessings to all!
(With problems I'm having at the moment w/Blogger and my cluelessness of attaching links, I'm not listing my 15 nominees.  Sorry for the inconvenience)


  1. Thanks Jeanette for the lovely blog award. I feel very honored I have never been nominated for an award before. Cheers x jen

  2. Hi Jeanette,

    I received your 'One Lovely blog Award' nomination. Thank you so much for considering my site. It made my evening when I received your wonderful email!

    I will answer the questions soon :-)


  3. Thanks for the nomination! It made me feel all special and stuff.

  4. You are very welcome all three of you. Glad I made your day.

  5. Thanks for the nomination, sorry I have not had a chance to respond, I've got a lot on the table these days. You have a great blog here Jeanette so I'm honored you even visited my site.Take care!