Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sorry It's been awhile since I've posted.  So much has been going on, but I wont bore you with the details.  Unless you'd like to read them?

How do you feel about blogs.  What interests you in reading?  Do you like personal mixed with professional?  Let me know so I can make this blog more enjoyable to visit and read.

Thanks and have a great rest of the week.


  1. I do a little bit of personal and professional on my site. Check it out at: http://www.ariverofstones.com.

    And I'm always looking for writers and readers who like to review books.

    Good luck on your site.

  2. I also do both, advertising my books and personal thoughts. I think you need a good mixture to keep readers interested. I followed you here on your blog. Please feel free to follow mine as well.
    Jodie Pierce

  3. I always like to have a mix of both! I like to know the people that I am blogging with and getting to know. :) Hope all has been well!