Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I did the dumbest thing on Sunday.  Had the kids loaded up in the van for church, forgot something, jumped out of the van and pushed the door shut.  K, that's normal.   But it isn't normal to shut the door on your hand.

Got an x-ray and the doc. said it looked fine, just swollen.  Got a call today and was told I have to go back to the doc.s because the x-ray person said I possibly have a fractured or small crack in my wrist. Not fun.  So when I logged on to type this depressing story (and yes, you feel sad, but glad it's not you, right? lol), I see a new note and find out I got an award.

That made my day happy again.


  1. Been there only it was my hand slammed by the hood of the car! No fun! Hang in there...this to shall pass:>) Congratulations on the award...that always makes for a better day!

  2. Ooh, painful! Hope your hand is feeling better!

  3. Off to get an MRI. Hope all is well on that.

  4. FYI, my wrist is only sprained and bruised. :)