Monday, February 25, 2013

A snippet out of my book

Here is a snippet out of my book.  They used a coffin for a table to eat on.  That's what they are talking about.

“Want to give it a ‘test drive’?” he asked pointing at the coffin.  He was grinning.

“You think that’s … appropriate?”

“Sure,” he smiled.  “What the heck.”

“Sure.  What the heck,” she replied, mimicking him.

Jim opened the lid.  “Hop on in.” He was glad he put the fabric back in it.

Ruth started to look like she might change her mind and fidgeted with the fabric.  “Black velvet, huh.”  It wasn’t a question.  She lifted her leg and placed her foot on the bottom.

“Nice and sturdy.”  He grinned.  “Built to last,” he chuckled.

She glanced at Jim, took a breath, climbed in, and lay down on her back.  She crossed her arm over her bosom.  “This feels…a little strange.”

“Want me to close the top and bottom lids?”  It looked like she trusted him.

“Go for it.”

Jim let down the bottom lid with care and latched it shut.  He stepped up even with her face and looked down at her.  The expression on his face had turned a little awkward.  He rested his hands on the edge of the lid.  Now the other lid was down and the latch was hooked.  “Enough air in there for you?”

“For now, but, man, is it dark.  There’s not even a hint of any light.”

He wondered how long he should let her stay in there.