Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exercise Time.

I love the book 'Word Magic for Writers' By Cindy Rogers.  I've posted some exercises in the past and thought I would try it again.  It's helped me with sentence structure.

Here's one for today.

Embed Setting into Action:

Try your hand at embedding setting into action.  An example in the text has Jhumpa Lahiri speaking of how news of a marriage "spread between our window bars, across our clotheslines, and over the pigeon droppings that plastered the parapets of our rooftops."  (Interesting I'd say. lol)

Imply your own home setting by providing three details while spreading news:

News spread between...  (This will start you off)

Okay, I'll give it a try.

News of the neighborhood party was heard  as screams and laughter bolted across our grass, waved through the Aspen Tree, and echoed in our open screened window,

Now it's your turn.  Have fun and I want to see your posts.


  1. News of Noelle's death by a dwi spread like wildfire through the small country town. Even the ducks who never left the pond waddled to the house to pay their respects, and the nocturnal whippoorwill swooped through the woods, singing his mournful dirge of summer's loss.

  2. News spread about Aunt Nelly’s recent diagnosis of schizophrenia like and spilled bucket of water down the cracked front steps of Grandmother’s cottage. The gasps could be heard across the white picket fences causing the curling paint to flake off and float through the air as lead induced snow.