Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is taking a blind step worth it?

There's a time of comfort
being in a clear zone.
No thought of bad or good feelings.
A time to slumber and relax.

Your eyes are closed as you lay
snuggled up on top of your bed.

Drifting a little deeper
Your subconscious released thoughts
You never knew you had or
where they came from.

They can be pleasant and a
Little risky and you wonder if
It could ever come true.

Is it a personal vision of
A future change with a chance?
Or is it just a wishing, wanting,
If only thought?

I guess it's time to take a 
Step and really see what
Will happen and if it's meant to be.


  1. Great poem, Jeanette, with an excellent message. You may enjoy this post by Lady Lovely Blogger:

    1. Thank you Sharla and I'll go look at Ladylovely's blog.

  2. I like that poem, Jeanette. :-)

  3. It's that moment of hope and inspiration! :)

    1. You got that right C.J. Now it's time to find out which way to go. That's the problem for me, what way to turn first.