Sunday, April 21, 2013

S Day on the A to Z Challenge

We are getting to the end of the month and this day is day S.

The first two pictures are of

St. Petersburg, Russia.

 This is Catherine’s Palace at St. Petersburg, (Russia)

 This castle goes on and on and on.  It is like a big square and had rooms that were all gold - real and fake.


Next is Sweden and the many islands.

I had the privilege almost two years ago to take a Scandinavian cruise.  There were some islands that were the size of a chair.  I am totally serious.  There are small little islands all through that section of Sweden.

And here we have the book Heidie('s) land, Switzerland.

This is Bullet Counter Points.

This is Zamek Tarasp

 A picture of the valley.  It's all about beauty.

This view is Titlis, Obwalden, Switzerland

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  1. I loved these pictures and this post. I felt like I took a virtual tour of magical places!