Saturday, May 4, 2013

A new start in a new month

A new start in a new month.  The only problem is, it will be placed on hold some.  I tripped going up the stairs last night, fell, and my right hand pinky stayed on the side of the stairs as my hand kept moving up.  I don't think its broken, but the knuckle part in the hand hurts like heck and I can't move it with out grinding in pain.

Just an up date, so if I'm a little slow on my blog posting, that's the reason.

Happy Saturday to all.


  1. Hello you have great great post too..nice to meet here..

  2. Something similar happened to our oldest daughter when she was in middle school only hers was broken. I can definitely relate! Very painful indeed! Wishing you have a speedy recovery!

  3. Hi and thank you for your well wishes. My pinky is feeling better and I can start to move it with not as much pain.

  4. So sorry about your accident, Jeanette. But glad to hear you're feeling better. I nominated you for another award. Please visit my blog; to find out more.

  5. Thanks Deanie. I'll go see if I can fine it this time. lol

  6. Oh my, rest that finger. You might learn to type with nine fingers. ;-)
    from The Dugout