Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book Ideas

I traveled this last week (got home today) and was thinking how I could come up with new ideas to add to a story or base a story on.

Even in my work meetings when we were going around the table introduction ourselves,  just one sentence on several comments got my mind a working.  In 10 minutes I had a whole story ready to write down.

Sad part is, I forgot to write them down and forgot most of it.  Silly thing was, I had a notebook in front of me for taking notes. 

Always keep a small notebook with you to write down any thoughts or ideas that pop into your head.  Because it's usually the good ones that are forgotten.

Happy Halloween


  1. I agree. Yesterday I found a scrap of paper with an idea for a mystery novel. I have no recollection of writing it down, but it's my handwriting. My life would be easier if I wrote down ideas more often!

    1. So true. Doesn't it get you aggravated when you forget something good? lol