Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Question for all authors...

I have a question to all authors. Have you had several projects you wanted to get done all at once? More on writing a book, I have several ideas that are bursting to get out, some half done, a couple done on first draft but need more work, and actually rewriting a finished one. (changing time and from 1st to 3rd person). How do you balance and is it possible to do all? Or am I just crazy trying to do it all?


  1. I try to just focus on one at a time. If I get stuck, I might move onto another one. But I wouldn't have more than two. You can fill up notebooks with notes, though, for later. And you can just pick whichever one is calling to you the most to be the one you put top priority.

  2. Such a great question and something I often wonder about as well. I am not a writer who can seem to focus on only one project at a time...I have so many things that interest me and draw me in so I have read about other authors who have the same issue and what seems to work the best is working in bulks of time. Whether it is 30 minutes or 4 hours - whatever works for you - block different projects for the day, week, etc. and see if that is satisfying. One author (I think it was Balducci, but I could be wrong) said that in about a 4 hour block of time he was more than ready to switch to another project!

  3. Thank you for the comments. I'll give them all a try, because for me it's easier said then done. But I will push myself. ;)