Sunday, December 27, 2015

What's Next?

Okay, here is the start of a story. I'm not going to end it. I want you to tell me what happens next. If I really like it, I'll put it in my book and give you credit.

Missy, Brandon, Julie, and Gabe sat on the cushioned benches in a booth at a café by the train depot. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and a nice time to be out and about doing things.
The waitress arrived with their food. “Anything else I can get you?” She asked.
“Where set, thank you,” Brandon said.
The first thing out of Missy’s mouth, “I’m proud of you Julie.”
“What do you mean?”
“Your adding color to your salad.” She laughed.
Julie picked up a crouton and threw it at her. “That wasn’t nice.” But smiled anyway.
Gabe looked a little confused but didn’t ask what the deal was. Him and Julie had only been going out for a couple months.
Missy picked it up and spook. “That is all Julie eats. Breakfast, school lunch, snacks, dinner, etc. She’s a lettuce-a-holic.”
“It’s better than sucking up flavored worms.” Julie hated spaghetti plain and sauced. Missy took advantage of that and always got the extra spoonful of sauce and sucked it in her mouth. Julie got the shivers and felt like upchucking.
“Not sure about that. Anyway are we still going to go the PIX and see a movie?”
Brandon finished swallowing his hamburger. “That is the plans.
They ate and chatted about the new school year coming to a start. Brandon was going to be on the football team, Gabe and Julie would be busy with 4H and Missy used to be in Cross County, but due to her weak ankle, she was going to be the assistant coach.
“We got five more minutes till we need to leave. I need to run to the bathroom.” Missy got up and went to the back of the Café to the restrooms. Curiosity took over her common sense. When she was done, she noticed a door by the restroom at the end of the hall. It was an older looking door with a tarnished brass knob.
Her and her friends needed to leave in a minute or so, so Missy didn’t think checking out the door would take anytime. With her luck, the door wasn’t locked but took a couple hard turns to open it.
The stairs seemed to fade into the dark. Missy felt around for a light and found one. It didn’t give much, but enough for her to see the stairs end at the bottom. “This won’t take that long,” She said whispered to herself.
At the bottom she noticed old machinery of moonshine. It must be from back in the early 1900’s when the Orientals made their own money on the side. Being set in her mind figuring out, she didn’t hear the notice of the footsteps coming up behind her.

Okay, now it’s your turn to write who the footsteps (one or two people) belong to, what Missy’s reactions are, what she does and how does she handle it. Are the people good or dangerous?

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